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"I've never had DTN go out on me since switching. ******* would go down a couple times every month when I was using them." - Comment from Bryce in AL.
"Version has been working well for me and I appreciate that it is now a much tighter client to work with. I feel I can go to press with my own application and rely on a stable platform" - Comment from David in IA.
"IQ feed is brilliant. The support is mind-bending. What service!" - Comment from Public Forum Post
"With HUGE volume on AAPL and RIMM for 2 days, everyone in a trading room was whining about freezes, crashes and lag with *******, RealTick, TS and Cyber. InvestorRT with IQFeed was rock solid. I mean SOLID!" - Comment from Public IRC Chat
"I "bracket trade" all major news releases and I have not found one lag or glitch with DTN.IQ feed. I am very comfortable with their feed under all typical news conditions (Fed releases, employment numbers, etc)." - Comment from Public Forum
"DTN feed was the only feed that consistently matched Bloomberg feed for BID/ASK data verification work these past years......DTN feed is a must for my supply & demand based trading using Cumulative Delta" - Comment from Public Forum Post
"And by the way, have to say this. I love the IQFeed software. It's rock solid and it has a really nice API." - Comment from Thomas via RT Chat
"This beats the pants off CQG, I am definitely switching to the ProphetX 3.0!" - Comment from Stephen
"I was with ******* for 4 years at $230 a month, this is a huge savings for me, GOD BLESS YOU PEOPLE," - Comment from T.S. via Email
"If someone needs the best quality data and backfill beyond what their broker provides at a rate that is the best in the industry, I highly recommend IQFeed." - Comment from Josh via Public Forum
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Data and Content Support » Daily bars for Good Friday Apr 5, 2021 03:39 PM (Total replies: 6)

Is there an update on this issue?

Data and Content Support » Daily bars for Good Friday Apr 5, 2021 10:38 AM (Total replies: 6)

@LEJ21, @LEM21, @LEV21, etc...
@CK21, @CN21, @CU21, etc...
@BOK21, @BON21, @BOQ21, etc...
@SMK21, @SMN21, @SMQ21, etc...
@GFJ21, @GFK21, @GFQ21, etc...
@HEJ21, @HEK21, @HEM21, etc...

CBOT Grains
CME Livestock

Data and Content Support » Daily bars for Good Friday Apr 5, 2021 10:16 AM (Total replies: 6)

Is there a logical reason why DTN is pushing out a daily bar for Apr 2, 2021? I only ask this because it seems DTN is the only feed showing this bar. ICE Data Services, Bloomberg, CQG, and Refinitiv are not showing a bar for this date. Not even the CME/CBOT website is showing a closing bar with Apr 2nd's date on it.

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